Success Stories

Rescue.            Rehabilitate.            Rehome.

Success Stories

Stitch, found as a stray rummaging through garbage, came to us skinny, and beat up. He arrived here with scabs, scrapes, and bumps all over him. He looked abused and defeated. It was obvious Stitch needed some TLC, but what we found out is that he also had some aggressive tendencies. It took a long time for him to trust any humans at all. Once Stitch got used to being at Found, his progress was awesome. He really took to training and was very eager to please. He knows tricks like “wave”, “army crawl”, and catching frisbee’s! After months and months of behavioral rehabilitation, Stitch began to show us his soft, and loving side! This clearly worked to his advantage because after nearly a year of being with us, he found the most understanding, and loving forever family! They continue with his training in agility and spoil him with unconditional love!

Jack Frost & Jingle
Jack Frost and Jingle, are two of the most adorable puppies to ever enter Found's rescue program. They were found living outside on their own in the dead of winter, skinny, and afraid. They were both severely under socialized with humans, and could be described as feral. It took a long time to get them warmed up to the Found staff, but we were eventually able to earn their trust. Their confidence could be boosted if other dogs were around to show them the ropes, but it took  months of behavioral rehabilitation to get them warmed up to the idea of meeting strangers on their own. It took some time, and a lot of hard work, but both Jack Frost and Jingle found themselves the most patient and loving forever families who continue to work on exposing them to new experiences!

April & Puppies
April was originally found running loose through a neighborhood with no identification, and very pregnant! After arriving at Found, it was a short time before April began to give birth to 8 adorable puppies. Her labor lasted nearly two days, but she proved to be a loving, protective, and nurturing mother! Each of her pups were adopted out as soon as they were old enough, but April proved to have some resource guarding issues that needed to be worked out before she was able to find a home herself. After a few months of training and hard work, April found herself a wonderful family with one of our Found Alum as her new dog brother. She now willingly shares all of her toys with her dog brother and her new parents love her like crazy! This deserving mother of 8 finally got her happily ever after!

When Polly first arrived at Found, all we knew about her was that she was found as a stray, and had a badly broken back leg. When our doctor’s at Heal examined her they discovered just how bad it was, and rushed her to emergency surgery. We feared Polly might lose her leg. After receiving her surgery, it was required that she be on crate rest for some time. As a 4 month old pup with lots of energy this was very difficult for her. She made it through crate rest,  and weeks and weeks of rehabilitation of her leg, including water therapy. Polly was always as sweet as could be, but extremely shy, and took some time to warm up to new people. After working hard at meeting more and more new people, Polly finally met  "the one's"! She now has the most loving parents who continue to care for her residual leg needs, and have brought her out of her shy shell!

Mikey first arrived at Found Chicago in January 2015. We were told  it was  believed he may have been hit by a car. We were unsure how extensive Mikey's injuries were, but we knew he was in a lot of pain. It turns out, Mikey had a broken pelvis and required major surgery as well as rehabilitation of the injured leg. After getting the medical attention he so badly needed, it was a slow road to get Mikey back to being able to walk on his own, but he did it! On top of all of this, Mikey was under socialized with other dogs, and was unsure of how to interact. With slow introductions and hard work training, Mikey became a very social and playful dog!  Mikey is now happy and healthy in his loving forever home. His parents keep up with his obedience training, and spoil him rotten!
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